The forest is the answer.

The health of individuals, our communities and the ecosystem is not only connected, it is the same thing. Our bodies crave the forgotten nutrients found in the rich fertile soil of wild ecosystem. As we realize this, we put our resources toward not only reforestation, but a co-creative stewardship of our planet.

Food Forest provides you with ancient foods and herbs from permaculture food forests, while your involvement ensures the survival and active expansion of these vital habitats.

True Synergy – Planetary Health


Baobab is the original tree of life, and is used in Africa for food, medicine and guidance since the beginning of humanity. Our most popular forest food, it has a tangy taste and an uplifting effect loved by people of all ages.


Knowns as “Never-die”, Moringa’s amazing array of life-sustaining nutrients makes it important in humanitarian efforts against malnutrition and starvation. Every part of the tree is edible and its unique properties makes it an essential daily health food.


Africas rich ecosystem is home to some of the most powerful medicinal and tonic herbs on the planet, but the knowledge of this bounty is sparsely preserved in verbal traditions. Our research seeks to uncover the rich heritage of African Herbalism for the world today.